Don't freak out please, this is a continuation of our London-Brighton-Bath-travels in 2018, we are not travelling atm. We posted about our Brighton trip but then we stopped posting for 2 1/2 years as you do. So now I have to try and remember stuff... First thing I remember is us goingt straight to Westminster… Continue reading London.



During our London-visit in 2018 we decided to go on a day trip to Bath which turned out to be the best decision ever as we both couldn't get over how beautiful the city (town?) was! We went into the Roman Baths which were really impressive even though I find it grotesque that we got… Continue reading Bath.


Blogtober Day 17: Top Places We Want To Travel

S.: Everywhere. Is that a good enough answer? I'd love to see as much of the world as possible, but time and money are real issues, aren't they. As always no particular order. Sydney, Australia. I have always wanted to go to Australia even though I am terrified of spiders and I legit panic whenever… Continue reading Blogtober Day 17: Top Places We Want To Travel