Trying out Gymshark Sportswear

So here I am, the new me in my new sportswear! Just kidding... same me but in new sportswear. I ordered some bits and pieces from Gymshark some time ago and wanted to share my opinion with you guys:   So here is everything I ordered from Gymshark. I got my first two items a… Continue reading Trying out Gymshark Sportswear


It’s October 3rd.

Hello hello helloooo, people! It's October 3rd, national holiday in Germany because 18 years ago today East and West Germany united. So the Bundesrepublik Deutschland is 18 now. Congrats Germany, you're an adult. But looking at what is going on politics-wise, one could think you are a teenager who doesn't know wrong from right. Can… Continue reading It’s October 3rd.