Having a “Cheat Day” ?

Hello, friendly peeps! Months ago I discovered Cheat Day videos on YouTube and I've been more or less obsessed with them (my favourites are Always Hungry's and Stephanie Buttermore's). What they do that day is essentially eating whatever they want and how much they want without feeling uncomfortable. My friend and I really wanted to… Continue reading Having a “Cheat Day” ?


Banana Bread by Pamela Reif

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well! I don't know why, but during the last days I can eat and eat and eat.. and eat junk food all day 😀 So I decided it's time to make something healthier, which comes close to cake in my opinion: Banana Bread. I tested out a lot… Continue reading Banana Bread by Pamela Reif


Blogmas Day 13: Another Festive Baking with J. & S.

Bakey, bakey, my friends! That's right, we're back at it again with baking (German) Christmas biscuits! Today we're making Honig-Lebkuchen which translates to honey-gingerbread. I am not a big fan of honey, but I love these. My mum's been making them probably since before I was born judging from the old book the recipe is in… Continue reading Blogmas Day 13: Another Festive Baking with J. & S.


Blogmas Day 4: Festive Baking

A big hello to all of you reading this and welcome to the Great German Bake-Off 😀 Today we're baking some „Plätzchen“ (festive Christmas cookies) called „Linzer Streifen“ in German (literally translated as Linzer stripes). This recipe is from Tim Mälzer, a German cook, and can be found in its original version here. I only… Continue reading Blogmas Day 4: Festive Baking


Blogtober Day 1: Pumpkin Soup Recipe (vegan)

Hello Lovelies! Happy October! Or Spooktober or Blogtober, shall we say? We are going to try and upload a new blog post every day up to Halloween. We've been inspired by the lovely Lushtivity and her October Challenge post 🙂 We did however change things a little bit as we had posts planned anyway.   It’s… Continue reading Blogtober Day 1: Pumpkin Soup Recipe (vegan)