A part of our trip was Brighton. There was no rumble in Brighton that night but we still really enjoyed it.

We took a National Express to Brighton and started off by exploring the Lanes before heading for lunch to Food with Friends which we absolutely loved. Later on we went further through the Lanes and ended up in a shopping centre where I bought a scarf before we headed to the pier and beach.


We knew it was going to be windy but hooooly crap đŸ˜€ Good thing I had bought the scarf. After having a look at the pier, we wanted to rent bikes but you can only do that with a credit card which we didn’t have and we had missed the last Volk’s Electric Railway train, so we didn’t end up playing minigolf. Instead we had another stroll around the Lanes area and before it was time to head back to London, we had a look at the Royal Pavillon which was quite impressive by night.

Edit J.: We also hat Doughnuts at DumDumDonuts and we looooooved it!

All in all, we had a great day in Brighton!

J. & S. xx

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