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Vines. (RIP)

Dear community, today we have gathered to share our favourite vines. (god I miss Vine). Here are my faves, I think they are hilarious. Just click on them: Merry Christmas. This b*tch empty. Yeet. Baby it's you. Look at this graph. Has anyone ever told you you look like Beyonce? Berry-Vines Look at all those… Continue reading Vines. (RIP)


Trying out Gymshark Sportswear

So here I am, the new me in my new sportswear! Just kidding... same me but in new sportswear. I ordered some bits and pieces from Gymshark some time ago and wanted to share my opinion with you guys:   So here is everything I ordered from Gymshark. I got my first two items a… Continue reading Trying out Gymshark Sportswear