Planning our Visit in Brighton

Hey again! It’s been a while, but here is our last post before we’re heading off to London in two days! Aaaand these are also the last things which are on our list, when we visit Brighton!

I am beyond excited to be in Brighton because I love the sea (not as much as I love the mountains, but who’d complain when on vacation? – I definitely won’t!) and the Brighton seaside looks like a dream. Beside the seaside we made again a list with a couple of things we like to see and do there – Here we go:

  • Royal Pavilion (or as we lovingly call it: Fake Taj Mahal)
  • Palace Pier
  • West Pier Centre (Golden Spiral)
  • Volk’s Electric Railway
  • Glowballs Golf
  • The Lanes
  • Hove Beach Huts
  • rent Brighton Beach Bikes
  • Boho Gelato

As always: if you feel like we’ve missed something important, please let us know!

Lots of love

J.  & S. xx


5 thoughts on “Planning our Visit in Brighton

  1. Hiya! I live in Brighton and might be able to throw a few suggestions your way… the i360 I think is actually quite worth it and right by the West Pier, offers great views up and down the coast and into the Downs. Never been fussed about the railway and feel you could mini golf most anywhere. I also recommend checking out North Laine, more cute vintage shops, if you’d like I can give you a little map showing the shops route I usually take through the Lanes and North Laine!

    Rachel ||

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are so sorry we never answered. J. and I mis-communicated… Anyway, thank you for your tips! We didn’t end up going minigolfing but we did go check out the North Laine! So pretty 🙂 xx


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