Having a “Cheat Day” ?

Hello, friendly peeps!

Months ago I discovered Cheat Day videos on YouTube and I’ve been more or less obsessed with them (my favourites are Always Hungry‘s and Stephanie Buttermore‘s). What they do that day is essentially eating whatever they want and how much they want without feeling uncomfortable.

My friend and I really wanted to do something like that (even though we believe in the occasional and reasonable indulgement here and there rather than having it all in one day) and after Stephanie Buttermore’s “Science behind Cheat Days” we didn’t worry about progress we’ve been making (both in working out and weightloss) and decided to go for it. And we loved it so much, we’ll be doing another one in October 😀

I was really excited about this, so I decided to document this holy day for da Blog™.


Both my friend and I love donuts and since there is not a lot of choice in donut shops in Germany (or at least where we live), Dunkin Donut was the place to have our breakfast/6 donuts we shared. (Note for the next Cheat Day: more donuts)

We had the classic strawberry sprinkles (8/10), apple-cinnamon (8/10), nutella (7/10 -> more Nutella please), salted caramel (7/10), coconut joy (6/10) and blueberry cookie (9/10 -> could’ve been a solid 10/10 if they had made it with a jam filling).

2018-08-04 018276337243391837696..jpg


Later on we had a milkshake at a place called Heyzel’s. I’ve been going there for years now and I never brought myself to get anything else but “Peanut Delight”. It’s got peanut butter, chocolate and caramel sauce and peanut butter syrup in it, sounds amazing, tastes amazing. However, it does look a little bit like vomit 😀


Then we had another break and afterwards went to have ice cream (it’s been SO hot in Germany, I don’t like heat and that day we were both almost evaporating). I had what’s called Spaghetti Ice Cream (I don’t know if that’s a thing elsewhere). It’s vanilla ice cream that looks like spaghetti with strawberry sauce for tomato sauce and white chocolate on top for the cheese. My friend had four scoops of ice cream (I am so bad I don’t remember the flavours, I think it was greek-yogurt-and-honey, lemon and 2 others :D).

After all that sweet stuff we went to the bakery two buildings further, I had a pretzel and she had a cheese-ham-pretzel.

Then we went back home to my place, watched two episodes of Taboo and then we were off to a restaurant which does humongous pizzas. And we finished them. We were so proud 😀 Mine had vegetables and hers had artichokes, ham, mushrooms and olives on it.

After finishing them, we waited for a while and then had desert because we all know there is a seperate room in our stomachs for that :DI had a mango-passionfruit soufflet with a chocolate lava muffin and she had panacotta and strawberry cream something.

Honestly, I was so satisfied afterwards but working out the next day and going back to eating healthy was soooooo hard. My friend and I have too much of a sweet tooth, I guess..

Anyway we really enjoyed eating without thinking about calories or health and it was really relaxing for the mind. I can only recommend doing one of these!

Lots of love,

S. xx

2 thoughts on “Having a “Cheat Day” ?

  1. Today was my cheat day and I’ve just demolished a huge chocolate ice cream waffle 😂 I’m super impressed with how many sweet treats you managed to eat! Haha. I’ve never seen/heard of the spaghetti ice cream but it looks awesome!

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    1. Cheat days are heaven! I hope you had a great one! Yeah, we both loooove sweets and it takes a lot to make us get sick of them (unfortunately) 😀 if you ever happen to be at a place where they do spaghetti ice cream, I highly recommend having it 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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