Origins Matte Moisturizer and Super Spot Remover – Review

It is review tiiime! I’ve been dealing with oily skin in my T-zone) ever since puberty hit me in the face with a brick. After being a drugstore forever, I recently decided that maybe I should spend a little bit more on my skincare and thanks to the internet and companies spying on us (hello to the FBI agent assigned to my laptop *wink*) with their weird algorithms, an ad for Origins popped up on my Insta feed, I clicked on the link and ended up ordering the Origins Original Skin Matte Moisturizer with Willowherb and the Zero Oil Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel. I received my order within two days and have been trying out the products for two weeks now and would like to share my thoughts and experiences with you guys.

2018-03-07 123862663443689939680..jpg
Matte Moisturizer (30ml, 20€)

Matte Moisturizer: It really works for me which is amazing! It has a jell-like consistency and a soft and clean smell to it. Weirdly, it makes my skin feel kinda dry but also moisturized, it’s weird, I cannot describe it. My skin is oilfree almost all day! Yay 😀 However, after four days of applying it in the morning and the evening (as it says on the packaging), I woke up with very dry skin on my forehead. I don’t know why the moisturizing effect didn’t work there because it does in all the other places of my face. It seemed ridiculous to me because my forehead is where most of the excess oil used to be. What I do now is that I use it in the mornings and in the evenings I use this Balea creme from DM, which I have used before, and now I am perfectly happy with my skin!

Super Spot Remover (10ml, 18,50€)

Super Spot Remover: I have been looking for a controlled spot treatment targeted at extra annoying spots for a while now. This one creates a thin layer over the spot it is supposed to dry out which I personally am not a big of in general (no particular reason, I just never liked it when products do that), but it does the job. However, I wouldn’t say it does it better than any cheaper drugstore product I’ve tried. It probably has better ingredients but (sadly) I am not in a financial position where I can buy a pricier product just because of what’s in it (I like to think those days will come, though :D).

2018-03-07 12-12931181891223954493..jpg
GinZing Refreshing Eyecream, Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser, Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask

I got 15% off because it was my first order and they sent me a mini try out version of the moisturizer I bought (every order during that time came with one). Origins also gives you the possibility to choose two mini products of their range to try out with every purchase depending on the money you spend. Because I ordered two products that cost 38,50€ in total, I could choose three and I went for the GinZing Refreshing Eyecream, the Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser and the Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask. The eye cream is great, I really like! The mask left my face feeling sooo clean, but I don’t have enough product to give a proper insight on whether it’s working or not. Same goes for the cleanser.

So overall I am enjoying all the products I ordered, but I can’t really afford to buy all of their stuff, I am a student afterall :/ But I can only recommend trying out Origins products! Have you already tried any? Do you have other recommendations? Please let me know!

S. xx


3 thoughts on “Origins Matte Moisturizer and Super Spot Remover – Review

  1. I’d love to try Origins, but like you said its quite pricey! I’ve recently purchased the liz earl cleanse and polish its lovely i haven’t had it long enough to do a review yet but i will when I’ve used it a bit more, its only flaw is that it’s pricey too 🙂 great post xx

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    1. Yes, I was on a treat yourself trip (gotta love spending money I don’t have) 😅 but i don’t regret it, as I’m really enjoying the products 🙂 haven’t heard of the Liz Earl cleanse and polish, can’t wait to read your thoughts on it 😊 thanks for stopping by xx

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