Intimissimi Lingerie Haul

Hello guys! I’m so excited to share some bits and pieces I got from intimissimi with you. Honestly I love this brand so much, I can’t even put it into words. Maybe this is the reason why I’m always spending so much money there.. But hey! I don’t regret it at all! And girls… There’s always an occasion to justify buying new underwear. Especially when Valentine’s Day is around the corner. For all those out there who don’t have someone to share their underwear with: Whatever, you can treat yourself to some shopping anytime! So let’s get straight into it! (For all those who are interested: I’m a size B in intimissimi bras, unless in push-ups, I’m a size C. Bottoms are size S.)




First of all I would like to share my favourite set with you: This pinky lacy bowy floral thing you can see in the picture. I absolutely adore it! The bra itself is no push up, so it’s actually really comfortable. It has these lacy details all over the straps which make it look so fashionable in combination with a shirt or a pullover, where you can see those straps. I have to admit that this is a little bit complicated to put on because of the many hooks at the back and the bow, but once you put in on, it’s normally for the rest of the day πŸ˜€ I love that there is more fabric to it. I have to tell you that I am unable to tie it with my hands behind my back, but I can tie it in the front and then push it round (I’m so bad at explaining this.. Hopefully you know what I mean :D).


Intimissimi always has different shapes of matching bottoms for their bras and I first wasn’t sure about this high waisted one. I always thought this would similar to the panties my grandma is wearing, but it looks hella cute instead! I put it on and felt comfortable in it from the first second and I guess this is because it has the same effect as a high waisted jeans? I love that this is bringing my hips in shape, especially because I’m not a big fan of them and it still has a bit of a cheeky thing going on around your booty πŸ˜€ I was honestly so surprised by them that I bought two bottoms to this bra. They also have a little bow at the back which again made them soooo cute. The bra was actually a little bit on the pricier side with 39,90€, but as I said: I don’t regret it. The bottoms were 15,90€ each, but I bought three bottoms in total so I paid 39,90€ for all of them together. Intimissimi always do a special offer when you buy three bottoms, so I bought three of course.



The next thing I’ve got is this a little bit sexier black set with lacy details, but it also has this crisscross-detail under the bra and at the bum. It again has some floral details as well which go up all over the straps and make you look like all these cool fashion models on instagram wearing this under a low cut pullover. (I actually tried this with a pullover the other day, but it was way too cold for me, because it’s unfortunately still winter here in Germany :D) Again, I went for the more high waisted Brazilian style panty and I really liked the way it is cut.

PANTY BRAZIL-STIL FLORAL SEXYΒ (only found them in red, I’m sorry!)

In the picture you can see the crisscross-detail on the bottom and how many hooks the bras have on the back, but it’s really no problem when you just tie it in your front. The bra was also 39,90€ which is a little bit much, but the details are just so lovely and the quality is insane, so I’m much more willed to spend the amount money.

The perfume and the Gabor Ampoules you can see in the pictures are also part of the special offers they do. I think when you spend around 90€ at intimissimi you can buy the perfume for 9€ instead of the normal price of 38€. And this is my favourite fresh scented perfume so far and mine at home is almost used up, so of course I bought this, too. The Ampoules were a Valentine’s special, so I got them for free, which is insane in my opinion! But intimissimi is mostly doing doing special offers like this. I can tell you for sure+ that they always have the offer with three panties and the perfume for 9€ (btw mine is called Romantic and I think this is number 3 from this range).

I have two more items, but I think the post is almost too long for now, so maybe I keep those items for another time to share with you.

The two sets I got are from their new collection right now and everything is linked below the pictures so if you would like to check out intimissimi or buy something, they still should be available! (no spon, we wouldn’t mind though :D)

Thanks so much for reading this post, let us know in the comments if you would like more of these hauls, whether it is beauty, fashion or make-up. We’re always looking for a reason to go shopping πŸ˜€ We’re appreciating every single one of you reading our blog posts and we hopefully be able to post a little bit more again in the future πŸ™‚

Love you lots! J. (and S.! :)) xx


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