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We wanted to make a blogpost about our favourite youtubers’ style. We do really like their styles and felt like it would be nice to do a little style guide with all the tips and tricks to get a bit of an insight into their style and maybe get and mix their looks to your liking. (Disclaimer: none of the pictures are ours, they are from the youtuber’s instagram which is linked underneath the photo)

Jordan Lipscombe (

  1. Make-Up: First of all make up is your holy grail. And the essentials you’ll definitely need are highlighter (as Jordan goes completely to town on that) as well as fake lashes and a really good eye brow product. These essentials make you look “faaab”! Then you’ll reach for a glossy or matt nude lip or a fab red and add whatever you like to the rest of your face, because as Jordan always says: „There’s no rule for make up!“

    Jordan Lipscombe
  2. For accessories you may want to pick an eye-catching choker or big hoops for earrings ‘cause „the bigger the hoops the bigger the hoe“ (this is one of our favourite quotes ever, so we had to include it here; bless Jordan for her wisdom). Additionally, you’ll wear some rings on your fingers (most of the time they’re silver ones from a multipack from missguided).
  3. Where to shop for clothes: As a fab girl like Jordan your favourite shops are Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, Bohoo and Primark. You definitely will need some crop tops or cropped hoodies and if you don’t have any: No problem. Take any shirt you like and crop it yourself. High waisted jeans and fancy body-hugging dresses to go out for a party are also things you will need in your wardrobe. If you want to wear something more comfortable and chill, then you’ll probably go for fishnet tights and a T-Shirt dress.
  4. Shoes: For shoes you’d wear high heels in kind of a sandal-y style to party and for other days vans or over knee boots. At home you can wear fab fluffy slippers to feel like the fab queen you are.

Zoë Sugg aka Zoella (

  1. Make-Up: Your favourite make-up includes concealer, bronzer and a liquid matte lipstick. You will not go outside without a matte lipstick on because this is your favourite part of your make up (it always completes the look, doesn’t it)! For your usual make up, you’ll grab one of Tanya Burr’s products because girls gotta support girls (and she really does amazing make up stuff!). Most of the time you’ll reach for shimmery eyeshadows and of course the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.
  2. For accessories you will not go to the fullest. All you need, if you wear any at all, are a thin and delicate choker. Zoë’s chokers and necklaces are a little bit on the pricier side, as they are mostly from Missoma London. We even found a German shop that does nearly the same style of jewellery, if you would like to spend a little bit money that is (Moanina Jewellery: If you would like to dress up a little bit, you’ll probably reach for some fancy earrings from Zara and that’s it!

  3. Where to shop for clothes: So, if you would like to achieve that Zoë Sugg look, you will definitely need some fancy trousers from Asos, primark or topshop. Stripey Culotte or carotte pants with a big ribbon to tie are your trousers of choice. If you’re not a fan of these trousers or they really do not fit you that well like me, you will go for mom jeans or some normal high-waisted jeans will do. For your top, you will need of course some stripey t-shirts because „let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with a stripe-y t-shirt!“. But you also like tops with nice prints or a statement on them. Dresses and maxi skirts, Overalls and jumpsuits plus any item that looks like a dungaree; you also can’t go wrong with those.
  4. Shoes: For shoes you like ankle boots from autumn to winter to spring and in the summer you enjoy any kind of nice slippers or the obligatory pair of converse.

Sammy Robinson (

  1. Make-Up: If you want to look like Sammy, you’ll need great dupes of make up or you have to spend a little bit more money on your make up of choice, although Sammy seems to enjoy a good Maybelline product as well, seeing as she is part of the Aussie Maybelline squad. Your lipsticks are mostly going to be on the nude-y side of the colour range. It’s always a great idea to use a Pure Colour Love lipstick by Estée Lauder and a great mascara for your top lashes that separates them and makes them look so long they could reach the top of your eyebrows (Sammy doesn’t like applying it to her bottom lashes as she feels it makes her eyes look droopy). Try to do your eyebrows like Gigi Hadid: natural and kinda feathered out. And don’t forget to go all in when it is time for bronzer! In general, Sammy likes to keep it simple by enhancing her natural features.

    Sammy Robinson
  2. For accessories you’re going to keep it simple: simple, delicate gold and silver chokers and rings are what you will reach for. No big and massive accessories are needed because you would like to look like an elegant lady.
  3. Where to shop: This is a little bit tricky. Usually your boutiques of choice would be Princess Polly, White Fox Boutique, GAP, Topshop or Showpo. But these are a bit pricier. So we decided to tell you about her most worn items. First of all be keen on off-the-shoulder tops or blouses. Anything that’ll show off your collarbones and let you apply bronzer and highlighter there, you will love. Even if it’s a normal jumper, you can pull one side off your shoulder, this is the one you’ll reach for. Sammy is really tall, so maxi dresses with an open back are something you would wear to parties. Boyfriend jeans with cut-outs and a nice off-the-shoulder top or one that shows off your back would be something you’d wear day by day.
  4. Shoes: Shoes are as tricky as the clothes. Your style would look really elegant and planned out all the time, so you’ll probably go for some elegant slippers or some sandal style shoes to walk around like the goddess you are.

Meg Says

  1. Make-Up: For Meg it’s really important to reach for products that have a very high SPF Factor. When putting on make-up, you’d also apply one of these products first or afterwards to set your make-up. You’ll try to achieve a healthy looking glow, so why not put a Tanya Burr Illuminating Highlighter underneath your foundation to do that. Eyeshadows with some shimmer in them and lightly green and pink tones are the one you’d choose. Also you won’t go outside without a nice pinky nude-y lipstick on top or a light rose gloss.

  2. For accessories, you want to be as minimalistic as you can be. A simple ring or necklace is everything you need. But what you’ll always wear, even when staying at home, is perfume. Without a fresh scent, you won’t even leave your bed.
  3. Where to shop: Meg always reaches for playful styles with floral prints, pastel tones or grey, black and white plane items. If you want to style yourself as she does, you’ll probably find yourself shopping at Topshop, Asos, River Island and New Look. If you are in need of a more glamorous style, you’ll order a dress from Miss Selfridge on Asos. Your favourite dresses are wrap dresses, which hug your figure perfectly. Because Meg does a lot of work from home, she likes to wear comfy as well as pretty bralettes, which you can currently find at Intimissimi or any other lingerie shop basically. For more inspiration, Meg has a wish list on her blog website (http://www.meg-says-com/), so you can shop the original items she would like to have or get some inspiration for your shopping
  4. Shoes: For shoes Meg likes sandals, slippers and loafers in any colour. To have a collection of nice loafers and sandals are maybe something you’d have to work if you want to build a wardrobe similar to hers. And let’s be honest: you can never have enough shoes.


We hope that this little style guide may help you to find your own style or help you find the items your favourite youtuber is wearing. (pro-tipp: mix ’n match is the way to go.) If you are – like us – a little bit unsure which style is your kind of style and which way to combine everything, there should be enough inspiration and help in here. As always we hope you enjoy our little blogpost and will see you probably next Sunday for another cozy chat.


Love you lots!



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