Blogmas Day 21: Favourite Christmas Childhood Memory

S.: I don’t have a particular childhood memory, so I’ll just go for my overall favourite one which happened when I was a 17 year-old… child. My favourite Christmas memory happened in 2014. I had been in London for my year abroad for almost 4 months at the time and I came home for Christmas. My friend had visited me in London, so we flew back to Germany together and her parents picked us up at the airport in Munich and dropped me off on their way home. Side note: my aunt and my cousin always stay with us for Christmas. I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building, so I rang the door bell, my mum answered this weird talk-thingy that let’s you know who’s at the door and opened the door for me. I walked up the stairs with my suitcase and all, to be greeted by my mum, dad, brother, cousin and aunt in the stairwell. It was really nice, they had sparklers (idk if that is the correct word, I mean these). We hugged and then went in and smoke was coming out of our apartment. We ran into the living room and realised that in the hurry of getting ready to welcome me, someone must have accidentally knocked over a lit candle onto the napkins on the dinner table. The napkins of course caught fire, hence the smoke. The alarm didn’t even go off, idk why we even have one (if I ever stop posting, it’s probably because I burned to death – who am I kidding I can’t keep up with our socials anyway, nobody would notice). My mum said “You haven’t even been back for 2 minutes and this family’s usual chaos has already returned.”. We all laugh about it now because nothing happened πŸ˜€

J.: I think my favourite Christmas Memory is not specifically a one on Christmas day, it’s about the time, when our two cats were about a few months old and had their first Christmas at our home. I can tell you: All the funny pictures you find on the internet with trees on the ceiling or the ones without branches at the bottom of the tree are TRUE. Cats are evil when it comes to Christmas and want to conquer your perfect decorated Christmas tree! When they first saw it they tried to climb it up on the trunk. So we took some stones to lay on the Christmas tree holder (is that the right word :D) so it won’t fall off. After we managed to make sure everything safe, they could climb up and down as often as they want, they decided to lay under the tree and play with the baubles we hanged on. One Bauble fell down – broke. Another fell down – broke. Few minutes later – too many broke. Status of my mom: ANGRY πŸ˜€ So we went to the ikea and bought plastic ones, which looked liked glass ones (you cannot see a difference) and some straw stars. Tree was safe, baubles safe, everyones happy. No. Did you think that buying plastic baubles prevent them from playing with them? Again No. They managed to play with a fallen down bauble through our whole living room and we often had to collect them under the couch, under the chairs or the desk to bring them back on the Christmas tree. For me as a kid this was super funny. What’s better than two little cats try to β€ždestroyβ€œ the Christmas tree? πŸ˜€ It’s like a 24/7 live comedy show. Now these times are over because our two cats had grown a lot. Their now too big and lazy to climb up the Christmas tree and they sadly gave on playing with the baubles, but they love to lay under the tree, which looks really cute πŸ™‚

Since Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones, you may want to play games because that is always fun, right? If you are looking for some last minute game-ideas, why not check out this blogpost by the gorgeous Lululoves?

Can you smell Christmas? Because we certainly do!

J. & S. xx


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