Blogmas Day 18: Going to the Christmas Market

4ef37e84-a7f3-4afc-b20b-a745b6dc6ce6This year I’ve got so much to do that I sadly have to say that I’m struggling a lot to get in the right Christmas mood. So my boyfriend and I decided to go on a special Christmas market on a recluse court (I found no English word for it so here’s the word literally translated) to bring me back on the Christmas track! The court always opens its doors for special events during the year. In summer they have lots of concerts and dancing nights especially for the older people to take part in. In winter they open for a special Christmas market, where they decorate their court with lots of Christmas trees, fire places and lights. I think in Germany a Christmas market is not that similar to a British one (Edit S.: At least not like London’s Winter Wonderland). There is no party tent for drinking beer and music is playing, it’s more of drinking hot punch and eat a lot of food, which probably can be found in a British Christmas market, too, I guess πŸ˜€ But such a market in England is more comparable to a fair in Germany. So… what I would like to explain is that they do a very special Christmas market. They open a barn and put lots of animals in there which you can pet. It’s like a real life manger with a touch of petting farm πŸ˜€ I looooove it!! They had little rabbits, cows (and some fluffy cows which decided I’m not worthy enough to be looked at), sheep, a pig, donkeys aaaaand some goats with little baby goats! Honestly this was the cutest thing I’v ever seen. They were so tiny and fluffy and ran around with their little legs. We were standing there for about 15 minutes and I just couldn’t handle the cuteness. If I could have, I’d have bought it πŸ˜€ Before we left, my dad said: “I dare you, you won’t bring any animal home!” – spoilsport… But! I managed to pet a lot of the animals and my boyfriend also made the experience of a cow’s tongue all around his hand, yummy :’D When we came to the sheep, my whole hand could sink into their fluffy wool. It was so cool to see how much wool they get in winter! I wish I had this, too. I’m always so cold πŸ˜€ As you can see in the picture the pig was massive but already sleeping. The donkeys were still awake and I was able to pet them, too! The rabbits were too far away from the fence to pet them, but the best animals were the goats, the cows and the sheeps anyway, so that was a good balance of petting animals.

Outside the barn and in some others they put up a little Christmas market with some merchants and food stands. We made a stop at one which was selling a lot of different sorts of crΓͺpes. We decided to have one with cheese and tomatoes on it which tasted similar to pizza which of course we liked a lot! After that we were walking around looking at the booths, but didn’t buy anyzhing because most of the things there you don’t really need, do you? After that we stopped at a food booth which sold filled doughnuts and other sweet stuff. My boyfriend went for a filled doughnut with warm raspberries and I got myself an apple bun! It was delicious! Now we were ready to drive home with the fullest tummies we’ve ever had…

Luckily I’m now in a better mood for Christmas and he had to promise me that we’ll come back another day before Christmas Eve!

J. xx

I’m gonna be honest with you guys. We ran out of people to shout out and we’d love to tag specific posts and stuff, but we are so busy, we can’t even keep up with people’s blogmas. We’re trying our hardest though. But for today, a fun little (3 year old) video must suffice: it’s progressive Christmas carols by Paint.


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