Blogmas Day 17: Festive Gift Wrapping Session

Wrapping paper ready? Gift ribbon ready? Scissors ready? Sellotape ready? Christmas movie on the TV ready? Let’s wrap it up then ๐Ÿ˜€

0eb81af1-bb05-4a1e-a0ba-8218c0625bdfTo be honest, I really enjoy wrapping presents! … At the beginning.. after hours of wrapping, a hurting back (because I always wrap presents on the floor) and little wrapping paper pieces everywhere on the floor, I’m done with it ๐Ÿ˜€ But all in all I like wrapping presents. I’m definitely not the one who’s making her own wrapping paper because nobody has time for that (Edit S.: Unless you are Zoella :D) but I like to be a little bit creative when it comes to presents. If I have a present theme, like with the one for my boyfriend’s brother (which is a bar set with a book), I put it decoratively in a box with some spicy nuts or other things, you’ll get in a bar. Sadly I didn’t have a box for it, when I took the pictures for this post, so please excuse me (use your imagination for it :D). For my boyfriend’s sister I found a Highschool Musical Christmas Wrapping paper some time ago and when I saw it, ย knew I have to buy it to wrap her presents with it. I think using some unusual wrapping paper is also a way to wrap presents up creatively (and funny..). 653e9c80-9d73-48a9-af51-dfeda98371cfSome presents you don’t even need to wrap up in my opinion. 3e0872b7-a6cc-47a2-a1f5-dc71787a4d80If I received for example a Body Shop gift set, it’s so beautiful that I would find not wrapping it totally acceptableย because the box it comes in is enough. It’s more eco-friendly, too! If you would like to wrap things more eco-friendly than you really should watch some youtube tutorials for wrapping up presents without using sellotape or reusing some newspaper or magazines as a wrapping paper. This can look really cool and creative, too! For gift ribbons on presents I like to tie it diagonally and not like the classic version around the present (like you can see in the picture). There are also a lot of youtube tutorials for wrapping presents with a double sided wrapping paper, so there is a bit of the other side shown, too, and honestly this is not difficult at all! To add a little bit extra fanciness why not tie a fir branch on top of your presents or little Christmas baubles or some little cut (and glittery) gift tags! The point of wrapping presents creatively for me is not using the most expensive wrapping stuff, it’s more of showing the person who receives the present you tried to make it at least as perfect looking as possible for them. And that’s all that counts in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

c85baa52-4049-4478-802f-46b1b6fa9a61P.S. I just saw on the photos that I filled the cups I’m giving to others with little tea bags. So why not fill up a nice muesli bowl with muesli and a cute spoon. You can literally transfer this to any kind of present that can be filled with something!

Today’s festive link is a link to a few Christmas poems, originally it was just going to be the top one of the page (Christmas by M.E. Miro) because it is really lovely, but since we couldn’t find it on its own, here’s a bunch of Christmas poems ๐Ÿ˜€

J. xx ๐Ÿ™‚


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