Blogmas Day 3: Winter/Christmas Essentials

Winter essentials! Everybody needs them, everybody has them! Here are some of ours which are essential to get us through the colder months of the year (nothing for you, we’re afraid, if you’re from Australia for example :D).

S.: Okaaaay, let’s see…

  • 2017-12-02 02492671174..jpgHANDCREME. This one is capitalised because my hands are absolutely dry anyway and with the cold I might as well just cut them off really^^ Any handcreme is fine, I bought loads from The Body Shop on Black Friday and I am currently using the Almond Milk and Honey one or the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula handcreme which I read about in this blogpost by Emma from The Emma Edit and I must say: It gets the job done and I love it. Thanks, Emma πŸ˜‰
  • BODYLOTION. Capitalised because my skin is just not doing anything right πŸ˜€ I use this bodylotion by Eucerin which is for very dry skin that is prone to neurodermatitis and I can only recommend it, it gets me through these cold times perfectly!
  • the popcorn lip scrub by Lush (can’t find it online, so I’ll tag a different one, they probs all do the job) which I use all year round but especially when my lips are dry and chapped. Smells delicious as well πŸ˜‰
  • any lip balm really. When I’m at home, I use the Rose Lollipop by Lush and when I’m on the go, I always have this one by Balea with me which has argan oil and shea butter in it for intensive care.
  • clothing-wise: my Dr. Martens because I can wear warm socks with them and they are waterproof. Scarf, gloves, hat and winter jacket are self-explanatory πŸ˜€
  • I’ve been loving the Bake My Day bodymist by Zoella which I got in her little All Four You set, I guess I love smelling like delicious gingerbread πŸ˜€
  • any sort of christmassy-flavoured tea and Christmas biscuits because.
  • The heating system because I would have been frozen a long time ago


J.: Same as S. I definitely cannot have enough creme on my face, hands or body.

  • Handcreme: I really do need a more effective one than mine I’m currently using, so thanks S. I’ll try yours out, when I see you next time.
  • Lip Balm: The Burt’s Bees Mango Lip Balm Kirsty send to me in our beauty collaboration! (which you can read here) πŸ™‚ and my trusty Blistex one
  • BODY SCRUB:Β I loooove body scrubs! This is not really a winter essential for me because it’s my all year 24/7 essential πŸ˜€ My favourites are from Lush: Let the good times rollΒ (this one makes me feel like a huge caramel popcorn and nothing is better) and BΓ»che de NoΓ«l which is exclusive to lush during Christmas. These two are my lifetime skin savers
  • Bodylotion: For bodylotion I fell in love with the body shop’s Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter. If you are available next autumn, I will find a body shop and buy everyone of you.
  • My dark blue beanie from Thommy Hilfiger my boyfriend bought me two years ago. Seriously I love it. I cried like a little child after I thought I’ve lost it, but it was only at my boyfriend’s house, where I left it. The love is real and deep my friends πŸ˜€
  • Of course my winter jacket, thick scarfs and gloves but also my winter boots which I got since the 10th grade in school. They still work and these are the best winter boots I’ve ever invested in (Or my dad… Thanks Dad :D)
  • My β€œHΓΌtten-Sockenβ€œ (= cots socks). These are knitted thick socks with a lot of fluffy fabric inside. These keep my feet warm whilst doing my work for uni on my desk at home (Obviously and sadly can’t wear them anywhere else). Definitely a winter essential!

These are our essentials. Do you have any? If there is something you can’t live without during winter, please let us know!

Today we’d like to recommend you checking out Tiffany Horan who is also doing blogmas!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

J. & S. xx

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