Beauty Product Swap with Kirsty

Today is the day. Our first ‘collaboration’ with another blogger. We’ve been excited ever since the lovely Kirsty from Unseen Beauty has suggested a beauty product swap. Here’s what we did: we agreed on a bugdet, told each other what we liked and disliked and then went out to buy products for the other one that aren’t available in their country (Kirsty is from the UK and we are from Germany). Kirsty is also an English teacher and has another blog called English with Kirsty, where she shares tips and tricks and her experiences on teaching and learning English πŸ™‚ Thank you very much for doing this with us, dear, you absolutely nailed it!

2017-11-25 12169497198..jpg
These are all of the products we received in total!

Since we are two people, Kirsty sent each of us their own different products.


2017-11-25 122097583671..jpg
Eyeshadow palette & highlighter by MUA, brush and eye shadow by PHB

S.: Kirsty bought me a pressed mineral eye shadow by PHB which I hadn’t heard of before and we certainly do not have it in Germany. It even is cruelty free and vegan! The shade is called Almond and is of a nude shimmery colour which does actually resemble that of almonds, so well done on the naming, PHB! This eye shadow is incredibly pigmented and I’ve been using it either underneath my lower lashline to brighten up that area, on my inner tear dots, as a highlighter on my brow bone or over my eyelid in combination with bronzer or a brown shade in my crease. It makes for a very nice and natural look!

Since I got an angled eyeshadow brush from PHB as well, I’ve used it a lot to apply this eyeshadow but of course all my others as well! It takes up the products well and there is not much fall-out. Also, it’s one of the softest brushes I own!

J.: For beauty products I received two from MUA Makeup Academy which I hadn’t heard of before either. I got the Winter Forest Matte Collection Eyeshadow Palette and the Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter which is my favourite product Kirsty send to me! Thanks Kirsty! πŸ™‚ The shades from the Eyeshadow Palette are absolutely gorgeous and I love the pigmentation of them. I used the warm brown and yellow tones already so much that they are dented already πŸ˜€ Definitely my new go to eye makeup look with a really dark brown eyeliner on! The Highlighter is honestly the best highlighter I have ever owned! It has a lightly pink shimmer to it and I wear it to every occasion possible. I also love the way it’s pressed like the waves in the sea. I think this makes it extra special! LOVE IT!

Skincare and body products:

2017-11-25 121795684357..jpg
MUA highlighter and eyeshadow palette, JOIKA Bath Truffle, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm and the Sanctuary SPA Body Scrub

J.: For skincare and body products Kirsty sent me the Sanctuary SPA Body Scrub and if you know me, you definitely know that I have fallen in love with body scrubs. This one is such a good one and I hadn’t heard from this brand before. It has a very perfume-y but also kinda fresh smell and leaves your skin adorably soft! Lucky me, there is still a little bit left! Second I got a JOIK White Chocolate Bath Truffle which is rich in natural cocoa butter as it says on the packaging. Sadly I haven’t had the time to try it out yet, but maybe I’ll find some spare time later on in the day to try out this Bath Truffle! (When’s a better time for bathing than Sunday :)) The last body product I got is the Burt’s Bees Moisturizing lip balm with Mango fragrance. I have to say that I hadn’t tried Burt’s Bees before, but after testing this one out it went straight into my university pencil case! I’ve never ever had a lip balm that made my lips feel so soft for such a long time. Thanks Kirsty for sending me my new favourite lip balm! I also got a little food present from her: All Butter Shortbread Fingers. The taste amazing and are sadly already gone. They were soooo delicious!

2017-11-25 121262116830..jpg
Yes to grapefruit body wash, PHB brush, The White Company handcreme, PHB eyeshadow and Twirls

S.: I was really glad to receive two products from the Yes To range which I really like. First of all, Kirsty bought me a huuuuuuuge bottle (I don’t know the right word for this container-thingy, someone help me please) of Yes to grapefruit body wash that really smells like actual grapefruit! I really like the smell and what makes this such a great product is that it lingers on your skin for ages, so you still smell great even if you’ve been out of the shower for hours. The second product is from the Yes to tomatoes range and it is their detoxifying charcoal paper mask. I haven’t used it yet because I want to save it for I don’t know when, but I’ve had the mud mask from that range and it did wondes to my skin, so I’m really excited to use this. My favourite here, however, has to be the Seychelle handcreme by The White Company! It’s got bergamot, amber and vanilla in it which is why it smells amazing! It is incredibly moisturising because it also contains shea butter and almond oil. I don’t think I have ever had hands this soft!

Quick overview of what we got:

2017-11-25 121607157472..jpg
All of S.’s products


S.: I am sooo happy with what you got me, Kirsty, thanks a lot! If anyone is asking themselves why I got Twirls: I love them, I had them in England but we can’t get them here in Germany, so I specifically asked for them πŸ˜€ I wanted to save them, but they are already gone – at least I haven’t eaten them all by myself but shared them with friends as well πŸ˜€



2017-11-25 12280547302..jpg
All of J.’s products

J.: Thanks Kirsty for every single product you chose for me, you have definitely chosen the right ones! I enjoy/enjoyed every single one of them and am glad you picked us for this collaboration! Can’t wait to read your post about what we picked for you. S. and I had so much fun buying and sending you these, so we’ll hope you enjoy as much as we do! Thank you so much Kirsty!

Again, thank you very much for doing this with us, Kirsty! We had a lot of fun choosing products for you and trying out the ones you chose for us. If you ever want to do something like that again, we’re always up for it πŸ˜€ Hopefully you’ll enjoy what we sent you!

If you guys are interested in what German products we bought for Kirsty, head over to her blogpost here.

Blogmas is around the corner and from now on, you can expect a whole new level of festiveness on the Cozy Den (more like Festive Den) πŸ˜€ Kirsty is also going to be doing Blogmas, so go check out her blog(s)!

Lots of love

J. & S. xx


The featured image was created by us with Canva for the purpose of this post.

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