The Body Shop Review – British Rose

I don’t know why it always ends up being like this with The Body Shop: I try something out, I do get way too obsessed with it and buy it. Get some stuff to try out at home. Get way too obsessed with it. Go back to The Body Shop and buy it. And so on. But let me tell you guys: It is always worth it! So this time I tried out The Body Shop’s BRITISH ROSE – PETAL SOFT GEL TONER and The Body Shop’s VITAMIN E – REFRESHING EYES CUBE. I really can’t handle my obsession with these two products, so I have to write this and share my thoughts with you guys and as always I hope you like it. 🙂

The British Rose – Petal Soft Gel Toner

So I’ll start with the Petal Soft Gel Toner because this was the one I tried out first from the British Rose Range in stores. The girl who worked there was so nice and told me everything about every single product from this range and helped me to find out which one is the best for my skin type and showed me how to use it. So she gave me a little bit of this toner on the back of my hand and gently rubbed it in with a cotton pad and holy guacamoleeee! My skin had never felt so soft before! It instantly works only seconds after touching my skin which is perfect for using it in the morning, when I tend to use it. The nice shop assistant also explained to me that you normally use this toner after you wash your face in the morning (This is probably something I do every single morning to feel fresh for the day!). You can apply this best by using a cotton pad and massaging it into your skin. You don’t need to wash this off because it settles completely into your skin, which I think makes this toner so perfect for your start in the day.


After applying the toner you can start your normal skincare routine in the morning by using a moisturizer, eye cream, make up, etc…

The consistency is also really lovely! It has a pleasant and cool gel consistency with real rose petals in it. I was a little bit unsure about how not to wash the product off my face after applying it because I thought that all the rose petals would stick to my face, but they didn’t. I do not have slightest clue how and why they stay on my cotton pat and not on my skin, but WHATEVER! I love it! I would say it was worth every single one of the 15€.

The British Rose – Vitamin E Refreshing Eyes Cube

When the shop assistant came to explain this product, she literally said “This is something to use, when you’ve often got baggy eyes in the morning“. And I was like “NEED THIS!“. I often have to get up around 5 AM to catch my train to university and this means either go to bed early or stay tired all the next day. And let’s be honest you can’t go to bed at half past nine every single day and finish everything you had to do during the day at the same time. Also we need a little bit of time to chill at least during some time of the day to calm down a little bit. Long story short: If you are one of the people who have to wake up early or are often tired in the morning, this is something I highly recommend to you :D.


IMG-20170908-WA0006What makes it so special to me is that it literally feels like your massaging your undereyes with a real ice cube (I like the pun with eyes and ice – haha). And is it not an old household remedy to massage your undereyes with an ice cube, for example when you cried the night before to decline bulging? So I thought this was a really nice idea for a product for your undereyes!

Now to the best part of it (it’s insane how much advantage you can get out of a little product like this): It has a light shimmer to it, which reflects the light under your eye to make the dark underneath it disappear. I also discovered that my concealer blends in much more nicely with my skin compared to when I’m not using it? It’s like a cream that makes it easier to apply and I cannot say more than that I totally fell in love with it after the first use! (BTW the Refreshing Eyes Cube costs 12€, which is also totally worth it!)

All in all I can say that these two products are pure excitement for me and I can’t wait to use them every single day. Sometimes when you buy new make-up or beauty products, you ask yourself “How did I live without using them before?”. I don’t know guys, I really don’t know 😀

Let me know if anyone of you also tried these two things or some of the other products from the British Rose range because I would really enjoy to hear your thoughts about it! If you are interested in more Body Shop reviews here’s the one about the Vitamine E range and here’s the one about the Tea Tree Range.

At least I now come to the end of my excitement and hope you felt a little bit of it, too 🙂 See you guys in our next blogpost!

Love ya lots!

Joanie xx

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