Testing the Jelly and Gelato Range by Zoella Beauty

The new Jelly and Gelato range by Zoella aka Zoe Sugg is out and we thought it would be nice for us test this range and share our thoughts with you. To be fair, we are a bit late to the party but uni and exams are a thing and we had to figure out how to do the blog thing. Before we start I want to say that Zoella Beauty is available in Germany in Rossmann and we went to THREE stores in different cities (not just your average village Rossmann) and they didn’t have any of the new products and they certainly weren’t sold out either because they simply had never been in stock. So thanks to that we ended up ordering from feelunique and if that isn’t dedication, I really don’t know what is. Anyway, here’s a review of the bath frosting (which J. got), the wafers (which S. bought) and the cream scrub (we both purchased).

First of all the smell is incredible! We were a little bit unsure about the smell of ice cream, that it might be a little bit too sweet and sticky, but let me tell you guys – this smell is still as fresh as freshly made fruity ice cream! IT SMELLS INCREDIBLE!!

The Bath Frosting

The bath frosting was something I definitely wanted to try out, because I never heard of a bath milk powder before! So for me it was a must to try this one out and I definitely do not regret it! Usually I use some other products like scrubs or masks in the bath, too. However, this time I didn’t use any of these because I was very IMG_1352.jpg

interested to see how this product works on its own. The description says that you have to put one of the little packages under running water and squirrel the water with your hand until it gets milky and soft. I used the whole package, but I think one package can easily last two baths, so if you like to make the most of things like me, then you probably may want to pick up on this hint 😉 Back to the consistence of the water: it was really silky and smooth which I really do enjoy! I was a little bit sad when I started running myself a bath because I always like to have a lot of bubbles in my water and the frosting didn’t say anything about bubbles, but TRUST ME you can compare the frosting to a bubble bath! So in that moment I realised I could only rate this product 100/100.

The Cream Scrub

IMG_1353It is exactly what it says on the tin: a cream scrub. So if you expect your usual scrub-like consistency, this is definitely not the one you’re looking for. But if you enjoy scrubs that leave your skin feeling really soft and smooth, this product is definitely the right one for you. It’s not like the usual scrubs we know, it’s more like a body wash or -of course- a cream. It has tiny little bits like sugar in it, which are rubbing off your dead skin, but really gently – which is what you want your scrub to do. And you have a lot of that scrub to use because the container is quite big and you don’t need loads of it because it spreads quite nicely. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the colour of this scrub, look at it! No words needed.

The Pink Bath Wafers

Just like J. with the frosting, I did not use any products with the wafers which did leave the bath a bit dull because it doesn’t change the colour of the water or make bubbles. But it smelled amazing! I used about a quarter of the wafers, still don’t know IMG_1350

if that’s too little or too much. So during the bath my nose was filled by the amazing smell summer-y greatness while the rain was banging against the window outside (10/10 would recommend, can it be autumn already I love the cosy feels). Now usually after a bath I would moisturise with some sort of body lotion, as my skin tends to be very dry, but since it said moisturising bath fizzer I didn’t, to see whether it would keep that promise. And it does. I did actually feel like I had moisturised which was amazing because let’s be real: moisturising is as tedious as shaving. In my opinion there is, however, a downside to the wafers and the scrub and essentially the whole range: you can’t eat it (I wanted to, trust me, but it said not to on the packaging and I am not that much of a rebel).

If you tried any of Zoella’s products and want to share your opinions, feel free to do so! All in all it’s safe to say that both of us enjoyed the products we went for! They give this summer-y feeling and smell so fresh it is incredible! But neither of us can wait for the Christmas Range – we’ve been waiting for that since last year. Edit: It is actually out now, so the wait is over and we are pumped to place our Annual Zoella Christmas Range Boots Order (AZCRBO – catchy, I know). Edit 2.0: Boots International is not a thing anymore (RIP, we will always love you), so we’ll have to work around this development as well. Soooo, I guess you’ll have another post coming on that at some point during November and December. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait that long for our next post, so stay tuned and come back next week for another cosy blog experience!

Yours, J&S xx

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3 thoughts on “Testing the Jelly and Gelato Range by Zoella Beauty

    1. Thanks! 🙂 gonna go and check out your review rn! We are kinda struggling atm because we don’t know how go get all the things we want from the xmas range because boots doesn’t ship internationally anymore, our drugstore doesn’t stock anything atm and feelunique isn’t helping either, but oh well, we’ll find a way 😀


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