Banana Bread by Pamela Reif

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well! I don't know why, but during the last days I can eat and eat and eat.. and eat junk food all day ๐Ÿ˜€ So I decided it's time to make something healthier, which comes close to cake in my opinion: Banana Bread. I tested out a lot… Continue reading Banana Bread by Pamela Reif


The Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette

Hi guys, I hope you are all doing well! Today we have gathered because I recently purchased my first ever eyeshadow palette that cost over 10โ‚ฌ. Yep, I went there. I had wanted Tarte's Toasted palette since it came out becauseย the colours. But it is 50โ‚ฌ and I never got myself to actually buying it… Continue reading The Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette


The Body Shop Review – Banana Shampoo and Hair Mask

Ooops I did it again! I played with my money, got lost in the shoooop! In The Body Shop. (s/o to those who recognized the song :D) I'm using the Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo for a half year now and in the picture you can actually see the second bottle I bought. I also gotย … Continue reading The Body Shop Review – Banana Shampoo and Hair Mask