Baking NYC Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello there! I've been in a cookie-mood recently, so I decided to make my own instead of buying some. Don't worry, I wasn't stupid and tried to create my own recipe, I went on the internet and found one that sounded good: this one! Now I won't tell you how I made them because it… Continue reading Baking NYC Chocolate Chip Cookies



Don't freak out please, this is a continuation of our London-Brighton-Bath-travels in 2018, we are not travelling atm. We posted about our Brighton trip but then we stopped posting for 2 1/2 years as you do. So now I have to try and remember stuff... First thing I remember is us goingt straight to Westminster… Continue reading London.


Trying the Curly Girl Method again (with german drugstore products)

About two years ago I started the Curly Girl Method (CGM) and stopped after I think one year and a few months? I didn't feel like it was doing anything for my hair, maybe I was doing it wrong, and I was simply frustrated and - let's be real - a lazy piece of garbage… Continue reading Trying the Curly Girl Method again (with german drugstore products)